Minimalist Aesthetic with Slim Shaker Green Cabinets

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Green color is known to have a calming effect on the human eye. Also, it is associated with nature and freshness, which produces harmony for the human eye! Therefore, it is very common to have green in rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms. In different cultures, the color green has an important meaning. For example, in Asian cultures, green is associated with luck and prosperity!

It’s therefore not surprising that many interior designers very often include green cabinets or other green elements into their home decor designs. With green cabinets the harmony and simplicity of the space are more easily achieved and the feeling of home is more naturally created!

Another synonym for simplicity is minimalism. In the world of interior design, minimalism stands out as a symbol of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

In this blog, we will discuss how slim shaker green cabinets and minimalism can come together in one room. If you still haven’t decided which color and style of RTA cabinets you need, we suggest you explore different kitchen styles and find yours!

How to Achieve Minimalism?

Embracing Simplicity

To be able to combine minimalism and green cabinets, we must first define minimalism and determine its elements. The very word minimalism tells us a lot about this style. Minimalism seeks as few unnecessary details as possible, relying only on what is essential.

The goal of minimalism is to achieve purity and simplicity in design. That’s why we bring you a few important elements of minimalism that you need to fulfill to say that your space is furnished in a minimalist way:

  • Clean lines

Simple and clean lines of furniture and additional decorations emphasize spatial harmony. Avoid exaggerated lines and details.

  • Neutral tones

Choose neutral tones and colors. White, black, gray, and beige are the basic neutral colors that you should pay the most attention to. However, if you still want to add some color, try to choose the appropriate shades of that color.

  • Minimalist furniture

One of the most important elements of minimalism is choosing simple furniture. Look for furniture without unnecessary decorations and details!

  • Functionality

When choosing elements for your space, in the case of minimalism, make sure that they are functional and practical, while leaving aesthetics in the background.

  • Natural lightness

A space with a lot of space through which natural light enters is the most desirable when it comes to a minimalist style.

Functionality as an Important Part of Minimalism

Minimalism became popular in the world of interior designers primarily because of its functionality. Minimalism tends to create a functional and spacious home where you can move around easily.

A visually appealing space in a minimalist style is important, but functionality comes first. Functionality in the kitchen is achieved by a well-organized space, with plenty of cabinets and drawers in which you can arrange all the kitchenware you need. Also, avoid overcrowding work surfaces to have enough space to work.

Minimalism and Green Cabinets

Harmonization with Nature

Now that we’ve learned a lot about minimalism, it’s time to combine minimalism and slim shaker green cabinets into one! Although we mentioned neutral colors such as white, gray, and black at the beginning of defining minimalism, this does not mean that other colors cannot be incorporated into this style. The key to everything is to choose the right color shade.

Green color is more than desirable in a kitchen with a minimalist design. The color green evokes a sense of tranquility and connection with nature, making it an ideal choice for creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Buy Wholesale Cabinets offers RTA cabinets in various colors. White shaker cabinets, gray cabinets, or green cabinets are just some of the neutral colors that are perfect for a minimalist style. You can find these RTA cabinets on our website and choose the color according to your taste!

Can Slim Shaker Cabinets Fit Into Minimalism?

Yes! Slim Shaker Green cabinets can fit into a complete minimalist design. The clean and simple lines of Slim Shaker cabinets exude subtle elegance and functional design, which minimalism demands.

However, slim shaker cabinets are not only meant for minimalist design. Their greatest feature is versatility. Slim shaker cabinets will fit perfectly well into a rustic style, but also into a minimalist style without any problems.

Their uncluttered design and smooth surfaces create a feeling of spaciousness and airiness, making them an ideal choice for smaller spaces or rooms with limited natural light. By choosing a Slim Shaker cabinet in a discreet shade of green, you can achieve a coherent look that radiates modern elegance and subtle luxury, while respecting the principles of minimalism, which we explained at the beginning of our blog.


Don’t be afraid to combine minimalism and green cabinets in your kitchen. When designing your space, pay close attention to functionality. When you decide on slim shaker green cabinets, you have already done more than half the work when it comes to the style part.

Green cabinets will bring you harmony with nature that will elevate your minimalist aesthetic, creating spaces that are not only visually impressive but also calming and inviting.

For more information on slim shaker green cabinets, contact us and we will help you choose the perfect RTA cabinets for your home!