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Upon item delivery, please inspect the items for any damages. We will deny refund requests if the product has been assembled or installed. Once an order is shipped, delivered, or picked up, there is a 25% restocking charge on all returned items. Accessories, toe kicks, fillers, and moldings are nonrefundable. Acceptable returns are unopened RTA cabinets, in original condition, with a 25% restocking fee. Please look your order over carefully and review your order. You are responsible for ensuring that your order matches what you discussed with your sales representative. By paying for a Buy Wholesale Cabinets invoice, you agree to all the terms listed above. Multiple factors may change the estimated arrival date of out-of-stock cabinets. We will work with you promptly to fulfill it. If, for any reason, the cabinets do not arrive on time, we will refund that particular cabinet or work out a different size to replace it. Requests for replacements are valid for 30 days after the order is received.

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