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RTA cabinets: How do black cabinets add luxury to your home?

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Black cabinets are a symbol of luxury! Black color is elegant, bold, and luxurious in any outfit. Whether it’s the little black dress that every woman wears or black kitchen cabinets, the color black gives an atmosphere of luxury.

When it comes to choosing black cabinets, it is not always such a simple task. Many think that it is enough to just choose the shade of black, but in addition, you also need to think about the details! Just by adding small details to your black kitchen, you will make a huge difference!

In our shop, you can purchase two black cabinets. The first is a plain, classic black color that is more intense than charcoal black. On the other hand, charcoal black is similar to the color of coal and has a gray tone.

Whether you decide on charcoal black or black cabinets, it is important to follow the small guidelines regarding the furnishing of these types of kitchens, and we are sure that you will not go wrong with the beautiful black cabinets!

Details are key to luxury style

If you decide on black cabinets, there is a risk that your space will look dark and dull. However, just by adding small details, your kitchen will get a completely new look!

Gold details

A well-known combination – gold and black. Bull’s eye! Luxurious style is achieved by simply implementing gold details in your kitchen. You can decorate black cabinets with a faucet in golden color. This detail is very often used in dark kitchens.

You can also place decorative vases on the table that are in a subtle gold color, hang gold frames, or even put gold handles on black cabinets. One of the common and desirable details is a gold cutlery, which you can find in well-stocked stores.

Addendum: The gold color goes well with white cabinets! The combination of white cabinets and golden color also gives a touch of luxury to your room!

The most important thing with gold details is not to overdo it with the amount of gold color. If you overdo it with gold, you will get the opposite effect. Instead of a luxurious style, you will get a kitsch style, which we are sure you do not want in your home!

Marble slabs

Merner brings luxury to your home! But when marble is combined with black cabinets, the room gets a completely new atmosphere, an atmosphere of elegance and luxury! The light color of the marble and the black cabinets will create a contrast that will give depth and texture to the kitchen space.

Black color provides sophistication and modernity, while marble gives a note of natural beauty and opulence. When these two styles come together – we get pure luxury!

Combination of black cabinets and white cabinets

Many are afraid to combine more than one color of kitchen cabinets. The truth is that it is not so scary! You just need to choose two colors that match perfectly and your kitchen will look flawless!

In this case, the combination of white cabinets and black cabinets is a combination that will give you elegance and luxury. Whether you decide on black base cabinets in combination with wall white cabinets, or vice versa, we are sure that you will not go wrong! The combination of dark and light colors will only bring you a deep note of luxury!

Also, another option of the combination of black and white colors in the kitchen that is desired is white walls with black cabinets! Walls or tiles in white color will help the black cabinets to stand out and the whole room will look spacious and bright even with the black!

Natural materials

You will achieve warmth, luxury, and functionality in your kitchen by combining natural materials with black! One of the most popular natural materials in the kitchen is wood. Wood fits perfectly in different styles from rustic to modern, which makes it flexible. If you place wood as a work surface, you will create a great contrast with black cabinets.

Have you ever considered installing bamboo elements in your entire kitchen? If you haven’t, this is a great opportunity to hear about this idea! Bamboo is primarily an environmentally friendly material and at the same time has a modern look. Bamboo elements such as flooring or cladding panels are a great choice for your black cabinets because this way you will be environmentally conscious and at the same time you will have the luxury kitchen of your dreams!

The practical side of luxury

When choosing and buying RTA cabinets, an important question is always asked: Is that color difficult to maintain? Well, it’s the same with black cabinets. Easy and simple maintenance of RTA cabinets is often a detail that decides the choice itself.

At Buy Wholesale Cabinets, all RTA cabinets are painted with seven coats of paint to help clean cabinets in any color.

Therefore, luxury does not necessarily have to bring the torture of cleaning! Our black cabinets will make cleaning easier, but will also bring luxury to your home! But always keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Clean the surfaces of RTA cabinets regularly
  • Clean the inside of the cabinets
  • Choose a less aggressive cleaning agent
  • Use a clean cloth when wiping


Do not be afraid that you will make a mistake if you choose that your kitchen has cabinets in black! Follow the little guidelines we have brought you and your room will be luxurious and functional at the same time!

We remind you that there are several shades of black: pure black cabinets and charcoal black cabinets. Whichever shade you choose, with the right details, you will create a luxurious room that you will enjoy!