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Different Kitchen Styles: Classic, Contemporary, Rustic, and More

Different Kitchen Styles: Classic, Contemporary, Rustic, and More

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When it’s finally time to renovate your kitchen, the first thing you need to do to choose the right option for your home is to determine which kitchen style you’d like. Kitchen design can significantly impact the overall ambiance and functionality of your living space. It’s the place where the whole family gathers, hosts friendly dinners, and enjoys delicious homemade meals, so how it looks is crucial.

There are various kitchen styles that can be mixed and matched. In this blog post, we bring you some of the most popular kitchen styles, including classic, contemporary, rustic, and more. Whether you’re a traditionalist, a lover of modern style, or somewhere in between, you’ll surely find inspiration for your next kitchen renovation.

If you’ve already determined your perfect kitchen style, take a look at our selection of kitchen cabinets in various colors and create a magical kitchen space for yourself and your family!

Classic Kitchen Style

Timeless Elegance

The classic kitchen style is synonymous with timeless elegance. It draws inspiration from historical design periods such as the Victorian and Georgian eras, making it special. One of the key characteristics of classic kitchens is the use of decorative details and luxurious materials.

From intricate crown molding to shiny hardwood floors, these kitchens exude sophistication. When it comes to choosing colors for this kitchen style, the choice is quite clear. Classic kitchens typically use neutral color palettes to achieve a sophisticated and timeless look, and shaker white cabinets dominate this style. It provides brightness and openness to the space. Often, beige, cream, and pastel shades are also used.
These colors create a harmonious and soothing atmosphere, allowing details such as decorative elements and furniture to stand out.

Who tends to choose this style? Primarily, it’s tradition enthusiasts, people who value traditional values and adore designer aesthetics. Those who love to enjoy the elegance of their home and want to feel luxury and an elegant atmosphere around them also tend to choose this style. If you value quality, seek durable materials, and appreciate longevity in kitchen design, you’ll choose classic kitchen style as your top option.

Key Features

Classic kitchens of this style:

  • Kitchen elements with raised panels and intricate hardware.
  • Marble or granite countertops for a touch of luxury.
  • Chandeliers or pendant lights to create a sense of grandeur.
  • Neutral color palettes with subtle color accents in details.

If you lean more towards a classic kitchen style, we suggest using wooden elements. The use of wooden tones, such as cabinets and islands, adds warmth to your home. In addition to the warm wood tone, stone details in your classic kitchen will add rustic charm to classic kitchens. Lastly, opt for large windows to allow natural light to illuminate the space. This will make your kitchen a pleasant place to cook and socialize with friends and family.

This style is perfect for those who appreciate tradition, elegance, and durability in kitchen design. Classic kitchens create a warm and inviting space, making them ideal for food preparation and gathering with family and friends.

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Clean and Minimalist Lines

Contemporary kitchens describe clean lines and minimalist design. They emphasize clean, uncluttered spaces and often incorporate the latest technology. Those who appreciate simplicity and functionality in design will feel most comfortable in this modern space. When it comes to colors in this style, neutral colors are often dominant and form the basis of the color palette. Shaker gray cabinets would be a top choice to create a subtle contrast in the space.

Of course, white cabinet color is an essential part of contemporary kitchens. However, metallic tones like chrome, nickel, and copper that add shine and sophistication to your space should not be overlooked. If you prefer softer shades and a more contemporary kitchen style, then beige and cream are perfect for you.

People who appreciate modern aesthetics, functionality, technological innovations, and minimalism in design will readily opt for this style. In urban and city settings, this style is most commonly chosen. Technology enthusiasts and business professionals who want modern kitchen style to enhance their lifestyle often choose this minimalist contemporary design. Young couples who are creating their first kitchen usually opt for this style as it maintains their youthful energy while providing practicality and functionality.

Innovative Materials

Contemporary kitchens typically feature:

  • Kitchen elements with flat surfaces and hidden hardware.
  • Quartz or concrete countertops for a modern look.
  • LED lighting under kitchen elements to create ambiance.
  • High-quality appliances with smart features for added convenience.

If you lean more towards a contemporary kitchen style, pay the most attention to minimalistic design, including the absence of excess and a focus on clean lines. Kitchen elements with flat surfaces are a perfect choice for your contemporary kitchen, and when combined with glass elements such as glass countertops and cabinet doors, your space will exude modern aesthetics.

What’s most characteristic of contemporary kitchens, besides minimalist design, is that these kitchens are highly practical. Contemporary kitchens often feature well-thought-out organization systems, including pull-out shelves, soft-closing drawer and cabinet mechanisms, as well as useful storage functionalities.

Rustic Kitchen Style

Cozy Charm

If comfort and nostalgia are your favorite characteristics, rustic kitchen style will be perfect for you. This style celebrates the natural world and the beauty of imperfection. If you’re drawn to warm, inviting spaces, a rustic kitchen can be an ideal choice. In this case, brown is the most dominant color. Different shades of brown reminiscent of natural wood patina contribute to the warmth and coziness of the home. Shaker espresso cabinets are an excellent choice for rustic kitchen style. Additionally, we shouldn’t overlook turquoise and green cabinet colors, as they can create a natural environment.

If you love authenticity and good aesthetics, this kitchen style is perfect for you! People who love nature, hiking, camping, or living in rural areas often choose rustic kitchen style to bring a natural atmosphere and warmth into their homes. Mountain enthusiasts often choose rustic kitchen style to create an environment that reflects their surroundings. And of course, eco-conscious individuals most often choose this style. Rustic kitchen style can be appealing to those who care about nature preservation and prefer using natural and sustainable materials.

Natural Elements

Rustic kitchens often include:

  • Wooden kitchen elements with natural patina.
  • Wooden block countertops for a rustic feel.
  • Open shelving for displaying handmade ceramic dishes or kitchen utensils.
  • Earth-tone color palettes inspired by nature.

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and ceramics in these kitchens contributes to an authentic look. For example, wooden beams on the ceiling and wooden floors will add rustic charm to the kitchens, while stone is often used for countertops, stove tops, or as part of wall cladding. This contributes to a natural appearance, which is essential in this style.

Moreover, retro or antique details fit perfectly into this kitchen. Rustic kitchens often include retro or antique accessories and details, such as old pots and pans, which add charm and authenticity. With open shelving used to display handmade ceramic dishes, spice jars, or kitchen utensils, your kitchen will look magical.

This style is often seen in country houses, mountain cabins, and homes with a rural atmosphere, but it can also be adapted to urban spaces to create a cozy and authentic ambiance.

Kitchen Style with Mediterranean Influence

Warm and Inviting

Kitchens with Mediterranean influence transport you to the sunny coasts of Southern Europe. They are known for their warm and inviting ambiance, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate Mediterranean culture. Mediterranean-style kitchens feature a rich and vibrant color palette that reflects the characteristic beauty of the Mediterranean environment. Blue is one of the most recognizable colors of Mediterranean style. This color evokes the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and is often used for tiles, walls, or details. Additionally, navy blue cabinets are an excellent choice for your Mediterranean kitchen! 

Let’s not forget about sunny yellow, symbolizing the sun, and often used for walls, kitchen elements, and accessories. Alongside these two popular natural colors, olive and olive leaf green are often used as part of the color palette in Mediterranean kitchens. This color can be present on walls or in kitchen details. And of course, the essential white color is often used to create brightness and contrast in Mediterranean kitchens. White walls or kitchen elements contribute to a spacious and clean look!

Travel enthusiasts and avid wanderers will simply adore Mediterranean-style kitchens! Those who love to travel and have a fondness for Mediterranean regions like Italy, Greece, Spain, and France often opt for Mediterranean-style kitchens to bring elements of these destinations into their homes. Of course, if you’re not a fan of the Mediterranean way of life, this kitchen style might not be for you. That’s why people who appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle, with its relaxed atmospheres, sunny weather, and al fresco dining, often choose Mediterranean-style kitchens to make their homes resemble the Mediterranean coast. And, naturally, those who love Mediterranean cuisine will enjoy creating fantastic meals in a Mediterranean kitchen and feeling like they live in the Mediterranean!

Mediterranean Influences

Kitchens with Mediterranean style typically include:

  • Terracotta floors for a touch of rusticity.
  • Colorful mosaic tiles for visual interest.
  • Arched passageways and wrought iron details.

Colors inspired by Mediterranean surroundings, such as azure blue and sunny yellow.

If you’ve realized that Mediterranean style is perfect for you, using natural materials is undoubtedly a wise choice. Mediterranean-style kitchens emphasize the use of natural materials like stone, terracotta, ceramic, and wood. These materials contribute to an authentic look. You should also pay attention to natural light entering through windows and doors to create a pleasant atmosphere. In this case, open concepts are often present in Mediterranean kitchens, allowing airflow and light to flow between different rooms.

And finally, a very important detail is the balcony! If possible, Mediterranean kitchens often have access to balconies or terraces to enable pleasant outdoor dining.

Mediterranean-style kitchens are popular among those who appreciate warmth, colors, and rich details in their kitchens. This style creates a refreshing and pleasant ambiance reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast and lifestyle!

Industrial Kitchen Style

Urban Aesthetic

Industrial kitchens embrace the raw, unfinished beauty of urban environments. They often feature exposed bricks, metal, and concrete elements, giving them a raw, industrial edge. Industrial kitchen style typically employs minimalist color palettes, focusing on neutral and industrial tones. In this case, gray is a key characteristic of the industrial style. This color can range from light gray tones to darker, steel-like shades, creating a cold but elegant look. Gray pairs wonderfully with the indispensable black color. Black is frequently used for accents in industrial kitchens, such as kitchen appliances, cabinets, or metal details. It adds drama and contrast. White accents are used to create additional contrast with gray or black tones. White walls or details contribute to spaciousness!

Industrial kitchen style appeals to specific types of people who appreciate modern aesthetics, minimalism, and industrial inspiration in their homes. Those who appreciate modern aesthetics and a minimalist approach to design often choose industrial-style kitchens. This style offers simple lines and an efficient look. Creative individuals can enjoy the industrial style, which can further inspire their existing creativity. People engaged in creative professions like artists, designers, or architects often opt for industrial-style kitchens due to their simplicity and inspiration drawn from the industrial world.

Industrial-style kitchens, with their contrast between cold metals (stainless steel) and warm materials (concrete), attract those who appreciate aesthetic contrast in design. This aesthetic is particularly appealing to young enthusiasts. Young professionals living in cities who appreciate modern and functional aesthetics often choose industrial-style kitchens for their apartments or new urban complexes.

Unfinished Materials

Industrial kitchens often feature:

  • Stainless steel appliances for an industrial look.
  • Concrete countertops for an urban appearance.
  • Open shelving on the ceiling and hanging lights.
  • Minimalistic color palettes with industrial gray and black tones.

Minimalist design is dominant in this style, characterized by the absence of unnecessary ornamentation, where simple lines make this style efficient. Industrial style is often associated with details like exposed pipes, beams, and installations that add a raw and authentic touch to your space. Open concepts are also common in industrial kitchens, allowing light and air to flow between different parts of the home. Hanging pendant lights with metal or industrial designs are often prominent in this style. They contribute to the atmosphere and lighting of the space!

Industrial kitchen style is popular among those who appreciate modern aesthetics, minimalism, and express their love for urban design. This style creates an efficient and industrially inspired space with raw elements that often remind one of factory and warehouse spaces.


In the world of kitchen design, there’s a style to suit every taste and personality. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a classic kitchen, the clean lines of a contemporary kitchen, the cozy charm of a rustic ambiance, the warmth of Mediterranean style, or the urban look of an industrial kitchen, the choice is yours. Your kitchen style should reflect your personality and provide a sense of home.

As you embark on your kitchen renovation journey, remember that combining elements from different styles can create a unique and personalized kitchen that perfectly suits your needs. So, explore, experiment, and enjoy designing your dream kitchen in a style that speaks to you.

In the end, “kitchen styles” offer diverse design possibilities, each with its distinctive character and charm. Regardless of your choice, it’s important that your style reflects your personality and enhances the heart of your home! Once you’ve selected the perfect style for you, the next step is choosing cabinets. Contact us, and our team will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect kitchen elements!