How To Effectively Use Your Cabinet Space

If you already own ready-to-assemble cabinets, you can learn all about how to effectively use your cabinet storage in this article. If not, we have new ideas and suggestions for wholesale cabinetry by Buy Wholesale Cabinets, which can help you revamp your kitchen and organize your space better.

Feel like your kitchen could use some rearranging? Start by decluttering and organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Time to Declutter: Toss or keep

Start fresh: declutter your cabinets! Inspect what you have, what you need, what you don’t need, and what may be expired.

Throw out all the unnecessary clutter to create a new space to organize your kitchen cabinets from scratch!

Tip: You may still need to declutter even if you buy new cabinets. If you are looking for ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets to change your old ones, go for cheap kitchen cabinets by Buy Wholesale Cabinets and organize them once you assemble them.

Choose Pull-Out Trays

If you’re going to get modern kitchen cabinets, choose easily accessible, stylish pull-out trays that can save space and create hidden storage. Each of them can function as a separate ”pantry” with groups of things you need neatly organized.

The more you organize and carefully place, the more storage space you create for your kitchen cabinet. If you simply toss everything inside, it fills up and chaos prevails!

These pull-out cabinets will look excellent with your white shaker kitchen for a minimal yet elegant look in your new kitchen.

Choose A Combination Of Open And Closed Cabinets

While browsing for discount kitchen cabinets to change your kitchen, consider changing the previous layout to a more versatile one. A great option to effectively use cabinet storage is to choose a combination of closed cabinets (with doors) and open or glass-front cabinets, where you can display nicer utensils or cutlery.

Make Good Use Of Cabinet Doors

Create more cabinet solutions by utilizing space wisely. Make good use of the inside of your cabinet doors. Use hooks to store rags, pans, lids, and other utensils that can be easily hung.

Alternatively, use a clever rack for foil, plastic wrap, or lids. Apart from being a great way to maximize your shaker cabinets’ storage, it’s also effective for easily reaching all the things you mostly use, simply by opening the kitchen cabinet doors.

Use Space Vertically

Stop packing your shaker cabinets horizontally, and start stashing vertically. Use your vertical space cleverly by vertically storing cutting boards, plates, and sheets. You could even add vertical separators that help you remember which section is for what.

Extra tip: It’s also easier to grab something you frequently use if they are stored vertically. Horizontally, you’d have to remove half the things and then put them back in the cabinet.

Get A Rack

Utilize your vertical space even further by installing a rack below your upper cabinets, just above the counter. You can then hang mugs, pots, or pans that you use on a daily basis for convenience and extra space inside the cabinets. The more room you create, the better for your cabinets.

Tip: A white cabinet kitchen would look great with a metallic pot rack or a matte solid pot rack to create contrast. Use colorful mugs or cooking utensils to make your white shaker cabinets pop up with colors.

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Those are 6 tips on how to effectively use your cabinet space. If you want to learn more, visit our blog for related articles.








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