5 New Kitchen Trends 2024

5 New Kitchen Trends 2024

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Kitchen Trends 2024 is everything we’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this year! Kitchen trends are constantly changing and developing, and this year we are expecting exciting trends that will improve and refresh your space!

Right at the beginning, minimalism is still in trend, but it will be minimal luxe this year. In the rest of this blog, read all about kitchen trends. Buy Wholesale Cabinets brings you six new trends we have selected for you.

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Design Without Unnecessary Details

As we already mentioned at the beginning of our blog, minimalism will also be an indispensable part of your kitchen in 2024. However, this time minimalism appears as minimal luxe, which will completely refresh the look of your kitchen. So, if you opt for these kitchen trends 2024, it means that elegance and simplicity will be the main thing in your design. Make sure that your kitchen does not contain unnecessary details, a lot of things, and bright colors. Instead, opt for shaker white cabinets and Charleston white cabinets, which are the hallmarks of minimalism. This is another proof that traditional shaker white cabinets are always in fashion!

To get minimal luxe, opt for some golden details such as a golden escaping or a golden faucet, which, in combination with shaker white cabinets, will bring minimal luxe! Create your luxury white kitchen!

Try to think about the appearance as well as the functionality. The emphasis is on creating a space that feels effortlessly sophisticated.

Luxury Touches In Simplicity

Don’t run away from luxury. Minimalism is simple and unobtrusive, but luxurious accessories can complete this design. Choose high-quality materials, add subtle metal accents, and place strategic lighting to complete the aesthetic. Let the new kitchen trends of 2024 rule your kitchen!

Dark Colors: Embrace the Depths

Spaces that Improve Mood

Dark colors create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere during your stay in the room. Kitchen trends in 2024 adopt deep shades of accessories and cabinets such as corner, navy blue, and forest green. These tones not only evoke a sense of sophistication but also serve as a backdrop against which other design elements can shine.

Contrast and Drama

Pairing dark kitchen equipment with light work surfaces or tiles creates an enchanting contrast that adds drama to the kitchen. We suggest a combination of cabinet navy blue and white work surfaces that will make a great contrast in your kitchen and bring dynamism to your space!

Discreet Backlights: Illuminated Elegance

Muffled Atmosphere

Ordinary ceiling lights are no longer in fashion. Discreet backlights are coming to the fore as key kitchen trends in 2024, offering soft and ambient lighting. This technique not only enhances the overall atmosphere but highlights certain design features. Discreet light strips can be placed around the edges of RTA cabinets to add a powerful effect to your kitchen.

Practicality in the Department of Aesthetics

These lights are not only beautiful and are not only installed for aesthetics, they are also practical. These lights contribute to the illumination of work surfaces and thus ensure a well-lit and functional space. This trend perfectly combines beauty and functionality.

Kitchen Islands: The Heart of Modern Kitchens

Multipurpose Spaces

We know that kitchens are the heart of every home, the place where the family gathers. Kitchen Trends 2024 brings great interest and the need for kitchen islands that will make your kitchen special and desirable for socializing and cooking.

Kitchen islands have always occupied a central place in the kitchen, both for aesthetics and functionality. This year, to increase the functionality of the kitchen, it is expected that the island will be equipped with built-in appliances, additional storage space, and designated areas for both cooking and socializing!

Natural Materials: The Return of Naturalness

Natural materials like wood and marble will come to the fore in 2024! Their natural texture adds depth and warmth to kitchens. Also, if you want to achieve a rustic look, opt for cabinet colors such as Espresso cabinets and drudge earthy colors such as brick, ocher, or peach color.


We are starting this year with the latest kitchen trends for 2024. We have introduced you to upcoming kitchen trends because we want your kitchen and you to always keep up with new trends!

Regardless of whether you opt for minimal luxe or dark kitchen colors that will bring dynamism to your space, you will certainly not make a mistake in your choice!

Extra tip: Follow the trends, but never neglect your style! Stay true to your style despite changing trends!

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