BWC Cabinets: What is a Soft Close Hinges & Glides? 

BWC Cabinets What is a Soft Close Hinges & Glides 


Kitchen design is always changing, but one thing remains the same, functionality and sustainability go together. BWC Cabinets wants all cabinets to be functional and well-designed but also sustainable, and each cabinet has Soft-Close Hinges & Glides technology.

Learn all about Soft-Close Hinges & Glides with us and find out why it’s important that every cabinet has this feature.

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What are Soft-Close hinges and guides?

Advantages of Soft-Close Technology

Soft-close hinges and glides for RTA cabinets represent a combination of functionality and sustainability. However, their main advantage and original purpose is to provide gentle and controlled closing of cabinet doors and drawers. 

The controlled closing of the cabinet door eliminates the annoying noise produced when closing the cabinet. Also, the soft close extends the cabinet’s life by reducing wear and tear on the hinges and guides.

The phase-out is not just a matter of practicality; it contributes to a calmer and more carefree environment in the kitchen. As households strive for peace, Soft-Close technology becomes a key element in creating a space where every contact with your kitchen is quiet and comfortable.

Improving the functionality of the cabinet

Not only do Soft-Close Hinges & Glides reduce and eliminate constant noise when using the cabinet, but it also bring additional functionality that is equally very important. 

The controlled closing mechanism protects the arranged objects inside the cabinet from sudden jolts and accidental cabinet door banging. In this way, you save your easily breakable dishes.

The Mekong closing feature on the cabinet door will also maintain the quality of the cabinet over time. There will be no more sudden knocks and banging, and the cabinets will remain in the same condition they arrived at your address!

If you have decided to buy RTA cabinets, but want more information, see our guide to buying RTA cabinets. Enjoy your shopping!

Soft-Close Hinges & Glides bring luxury to your home

As we mentioned at the beginning of our blog, functionality is the main goal of this technology, however, Soft-Close Hinges and glides also add a touch of style and luxury. Smooth and effortless closing of cabinet doors and drawers adds a sophisticated touch to your everyday interactions with the kitchen.

BWC Cabinets always strives to combine functionality and luxury into one, and Soft-Close technology certainly helps us in this!

BWC Cabinets: All cabinets with Soft-Close option

BWC Cabinets believes that any kitchen can be functional and well-styled at the same time. In addition to a great selection of different RTA cabinets, such as cabinet navy blue or shaker white cabinets, we also offer you cabinets of great quality.

Each of our RTA cabinets is made of Solid Wood Throughout and has 7 Layers of paint and a Dovetail ¾” Drawer. In addition, Soft-Close Hinges and glides are an indispensable part of each of our cabinets.

We want every customer to enjoy a superior and environmentally responsible kitchen experience. By choosing BWC Cabinets, you’re not just investing in cabinets; you are investing in a lifestyle that values ​​longevity, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Embracing green options

Behind the immediate benefits that Soft-Close technology brings to your kitchen, there is a wider environmental contribution. Reducing wear and tear reduces the need for frequent replacement parts, contributing to a more sustainable approach to home design.

An increasing number of individuals consider the environmental impact, and manufacturers of various products try to fulfill this demand of customers. Longevity becomes a proactive step towards a greener future!

Soft-close technology prevents the sudden banging of the door from the cabinet, which prevents damage to the cabinet. In this way, you will preserve your RTA cabinets and there will be no need to change cabinets frequently.

BWC cabinets have therefore upgraded its cabinets and added Soft-Close Hinges and glides. We want to be involved in environmental contributions together with our customers!


We found that the Soft-Close Hinges & Glides technology has many features that will make it easier for all householders to be in the kitchen.

As you begin your kitchen transformation journey, consider the long-term impact of Soft-Close technology – the blend of style, functionality, and sustainable future that defines BWC Cabinets.

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