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Base Cabinets are the basis for every kitchen. Choosing good and quality base cabinets will make your kitchen last for a long time. To make a good choice when it comes to this type of cabinet, you need to learn what types of base cabinets exist.

Each type of cabinet has its purpose. That’s why it’s important to know what you want these cabinets to do before you buy them. Think about whether you have a lot of dishes, whether you consume packaged food, whether you keep cleaning products in the kitchen cabinets, and accordingly decide which type of base cabinet is right for you.

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What Are Base Cabinets? – Cabinets For Every Room

In the process of renovating the house and buying cabinets, people make one mistake. They think that base cabinets are only intended for kitchen rooms. However, these cabinets can easily fit into living rooms, bathrooms, and even bedrooms.

This is precisely the biggest advantage of base cabinets – multipurpose. They are designed to sit firmly on the floor. They provide a large space for storing various things. For example, the base cabinet that you place in the kitchen can be used for storing dishes, sanitary ware, food in bags, and even for storing electronic devices.

If you place it in the living room, it will have its special function there too! Base cabinets are spacious and you can store books, papers, bills, and other things that you need to be within easy reach.

These cabinets fit very easily in the bathroom. Base sink cabinets are a great choice for the bathroom. In this case, you have a place to place the sink, and underneath you will have enough space to store towels.

To make it easier for you to choose these cabinets for all rooms, there are several types of base cabinets.

Discover Base Cabinet Types

Or maybe you will have a hard time choosing which type of cabinets you want to have. Either way, it’s important to have a wide selection because you’ll be able to renovate the kitchen entirely to your liking. There are several different types of base cabinets and below you will find out which ones:

Sink Base

The sink base cabinet is intended for installing a sink in the kitchen or the bathroom. It is known for having a specific part where the sink is installed, which brings additional functionality and stability.

In addition to the regular sink base, there is also a farmhouse sink base. It is known for being designed for larger sinks. In this case, the space for installing the sink is much larger than with a standard sink base, but there is still enough space for storing other necessities. Therefore, first think about the dimensions of your sink, and then order the sink base.

So, we can safely say that the sink base cabinet is the basis of every kitchen and every bathroom.

Corner Base

The Corner Base represents a special type of base cabinet. They are designed so that the cabinets can be placed in the very corner of the kitchen. If you are limited with space, these cabinets will be the right solution for you. With them, you will be able to use every corner of your kitchen!

Gray Shaker Base End Cabinet


Buy Wholesale Cabinets Gray Shaker Base End Cabinet    

They are intended for storing and organizing things that can hardly fit in standard cabinets. In addition to the functional side, the corner base will also contribute to the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen!

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Drawer Base

Drawer base cabinets are cabinets that only have drawers. In this case, the base cabinet does not have shelves and doors. The drawers in these cabinets can be of different dimensions, sizes, and depths. Depending on your needs, you will choose the appropriate dimensions.

White Shaker Drawer Base


Buy Wholesale Cabinets White Shaker Drawer Base is available in 7 sizes.    

These cabinets are intended for storing smaller items that cannot be placed in an ordinary base cabinet. For example, drawer bases are ideal for storing accessories, small dishes, kitchen tools, and other small items.

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Door and Shelf Base

The combination of the door and the sweetening shelf gives us the classic look of the base cabinet. This type of cabinet is called Door and Shelf Base. They come with one or more doors on the front of the cabinet. They are very flexible for storing various kitchen items, from dishes to various kitchen accessories.

In our offer, you can find cabinets only with shelves. Such cabinets are intended for storing decorative accessories and are auxiliary cabinets in your kitchen.

Door and Drawer Base

Finally, we have reached the door and drawer base cabinet. They represent the classic look of the base cabinet. They consist of drawers and doors behind which there are shelves. It is important to emphasize that it is possible to find several different types of door and drawer base.

For example, you can find a base cabinet with double doors and a single drawer, or a cabinet with double doors and double drawers. It’s up to you to decide which of these types of door and drawer base you need the most!

Navy Blue Shaker Base Cabinet with Double Doors and Drawers


Our Navy Blue Shaker Base Cabinet with Double Doors and Drawers is available in 4 sizes.

Choose Perfect Base Cabinet At Buy Wholesale Cabinets

Buy Wholesale Cabinets offers the base cabinet type that we have already mentioned and described. Also, it is very important to us that our customers can find the style of base cabinet that suits them. That is why we also offer kitchen cabinets in different colors such as shaker white cabinets, cabinet navy blue, or gray cabinets, etc.

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Now that you have learned and discovered all about the types of base cabinets, you can start your worry-free online shopping! Always remember that in addition to aesthetics, functionality is just as important. So choose all the cabinets carefully and enjoy the newly equipped kitchen!

If you have any doubts when it comes to choosing and buying kitchen cabinets, feel free to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.