Buy Wholesale Cabinets vs The Home Depot for Your Kitchen Remodel

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I want to get cheap cabinets for my kitchen renovation. I am considering The Home Depot or Buy Wholesale Cabinets to find stylish cabinet solutions to revamp my kitchen and gain more storage. Which option is the best for me?


Renovating a kitchen can be pricey, but choosing the right kitchen cabinet store near you to get cheap kitchen cabinets of your liking can significantly cut down costs. We have gathered all the information you may need before making the right decision. Here’s a thorough comparison of Buy Wholesale Cabinets and The Home Depot to help you out: 

Price comparison

Let’s begin with the obvious question: How much do cabinets cost through Buy Wholesale Cabinets and how much through The Home Depot?

Well, keep in mind that it all depends on whether you choose to go with ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets or pre-assembled stock cabinetry. The latter is a more expensive option, and although it sounds convenient, it really isn’t. Prices can start from $150, up to even $3,000 per pre-assembled cabinet at The Home Depot. 

Buy Wholesale Cabinets, on the other hand, offers strictly RTA cabinets that you can easily set up on your own, and they are comparatively cheap kitchen cabinets. Their prices usually start from $115 per cabinet, and you can always find discount kitchen cabinets on their website.

On the whole, Buy Wholesale Cabinets proves to be more affordable, and you can always find their selection of kitchen cabinets online, including cabinets for sale at reduced prices. 

Durability Comparison

Buy Wholesale Cabinets only offers durable and high-quality cabinets. They are all made of full overlay panels of about ¾ inch thick solid wood, which can last a long time. Their dovetail drawers are made with solid wood on all sides and have full extension glides. They also have ½-inch cabinet-grade plywood boxes, soft-close features, and UV-coated natural plywood on the interior. 

On the other hand, The Home Depot is one of the most popular solutions when it comes to looking for cheap and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. Their stores feature some Home Depot brands that sell standard thick cabinets, which are a little prone to scratches, according to reviews online.

Style Comparison

Buy Wholesale Cabinets offers stylish cabinets for your kitchen remodel at affordable prices. They sell Shaker cabinets, which can be one of the most timeless and easy types of cabinets for your kitchen. They never run out of style and they give a minimal aesthetic to the kitchen. They look clean and neat without much detail or extravagance, and they are very cheap cabinets as well. They offer a variety of modern kitchen cabinets, as they come in: shaker white cabinets, shaker gray cabinets, shaker espresso cabinets, and Charleston white cabinets for your perfect kitchen.  

Home Depot may have more of a selection in terms of cabinet styles for your kitchen, but they all come from various brands. This makes the decision difficult, as you’d have to evaluate each brand separately and check both for style and quality. Sometimes simplicity is key, especially if you don’t have the patience to assess each different option one by one. 

What about the ordering process?

With Buy Wholesale Cabinets, getting a quote for kitchen cabinets and ordering your wholesale cabinetry has never been easier. If you already know the sizes you need and your specifications, you can order immediately. If not, their expert team can walk you through the process and give you your kitchen cabinet quote. Choose your perfect style and order in this manner:  specify the 2-letter door style followed by the product number for the cabinet, both located in their catalog, and that’s it! You’re almost ready to set up your kitchen cabinets, which will be ready to assemble once they’re delivered to you! 

You can order your cabinets at The Home Depot by using the help of a staff member. It is estimated that cabinet delivery can take as long as 12 weeks, and some reviews make complaints about Home Depot’s delivery process, or when their staff has made mistakes with styles or specifications.

Conclusion: Go BWC for your kitchen cabinets

Taking all these facts into consideration, it seems that Buy Wholesale Cabinets is the safest option for your renovation plans. They offer very affordable cabinets of high quality and durability, and they put customer service first. The ordering process seems very quick and simple, and the staff can always guide you through the process. Stop Googling for “cabinets near me” and contact them now for your modern kitchen cabinet purchase.

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