RTA cabinets in commercial spaces: Choose the best RTA cabinets for commercial kitchens

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RTA cabinets suit every type of room. If you choose the right cabinets, your spaces will look modern, clean, and functional. The appearance of your office space is as important to you as your home because you spend half of your day in the office.

If you want to provide your employees with a perfect and comfortable place to rest during the break, equip your kitchen so that everyone feels as if they are at home. You will succeed with practical and budget-friendly and best RTA cabinets that suit every type of space.

Best RTA cabinets at Buy Wholesale Cabinets have several important advantages that will make your commercial kitchen look flawless without spending a fortune on kitchen fittings!

Best RTA Cabinets in business premises

The breakfast break is every employee’s favorite part of their working hours, and their first-morning coffee with their colleagues is their motivation for the day. So make an effort and provide them with a kitchen that they will enjoy and that will be functional for them.

In this case, RTA cabinets are a great choice because several different cabinets will suit any room. Depending on your office space, you can choose traditional shaker white cabinets, irresistible navy blue cabinets, striking espresso cabinets, or timeless shaker gray cabinets.

Keep in mind that you can combine several different cabinet colors, all about your style. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s a good idea to ask your employees for their opinion on the arrangement of the kitchen because they will spend the most time in this room.

With best RTA cabinets, you don’t just have to equip the kitchen in your business space. These cabinets can be used perfectly well to furnish the office itself. Certain best RTA cabinets in our offer are also accessible for other rooms. All base cabinets in our offer can be used to furnish the office. You can use them for storing office supplies such as paper, documents, pens, and other consumables.

Additional tip: You can place the Drawer Base at the desk of each of your employees. This cabinet is functional and great for storing their personal belongings and their office supplies.

Advantages of RTA Cabinets


Best RTA cabinets are a budget-friendly alternative but with good quality. These cabinets are known for being priced lower than other cabinets. The reason for this is their flat packaging, which reduces shipping costs, and because you assemble the RTA cabinets yourself, so there are no additional assembly costs.

What is important to emphasize is that Buy Wholesale Cabinets have the necessary standards that confirm the quality of best RTA cabinets. These cabinets are made of solid wood throughout and are coated with seven layers of paint that make the color of the cabinet always flawless and protected. Each of the cabinets you buy at Buy Wholesale Cabinets has soft close hinges & glides that will protect your cabinets from banging when closing the doors.

When it comes to drawers, each drawer has a 3/4″ Dovetail which further improves the quality of all cabinets. And finally, the delivery of BWC cabinets is safe and sure to arrive at your address within 7-10 days!

Quick Assembly

One of the main advantages of best RTA cabinets is their quick and simple assembly. Although it sounds like a complicated job to many, RTA cabinets are very easy to assemble and install in any room.

With our detailed instructions, you will have no problem installing any cabinet. To begin with, you must prepare all the necessary tools for mounting the cabinet.

  • Screwdrivers

Different sizes of screwdrivers are necessary for fastening screws and other cabinet parts. It is recommended to have screwdrivers with flat and Phillips heads.

  • Spirit level

A spirit level will help you line up the cabinets and avoid tilting or tilting. This is especially important to achieve a professional appearance.

  • A hammer

A hammer is used to gently tap cabinet parts into the proper position, especially if glue is used or more strength is required to assemble parts.

  • Meter or line

Accurate measurement is key to ensure the cabinets are positioned correctly and fit the space.

  • Keys

Depending on the type of screws that the cabinets use, appropriate wrenches are needed to fasten them.

  • A rubber mallet

A rubber mallet is useful for tapping cabinet parts without damaging the surface.

  • Ruler

A straight edge helps you to ensure the correct position and orientation of the cabinet elements.

Office Kitchens

Office kitchens often require a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Best RTA cabinets offer customizable solutions to suit different corporate environments, providing a sophisticated look without high costs.

In the rest of the blog, we will suggest a few basic cabinets that every kitchen on business premises should have.

First, we will start with the necessary sink base 27″. The sink is a basic part of the kitchen. We also have a farmhouse sink in our offer, but this sink is much larger, so there is no need to install a sink of this size so that it does not take up a large part of the space in your kitchen.

Gray Shaker Sink Base 27 ”

Original price was: $314.29.Current price is: $220.00.

Buy Wholesale Cabinets Gray Shaker Sink Base.    

As we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, the drawer base is a cabinet that will be useful both in the kitchen and in other rooms of the office. In the kitchen, this cabinet is practical because you can leave forks, spoons, and knives or you can use it as storage for food in bags.

Gray Shaker Drawer Base


Buy Wholesale Cabinets Gray Shaker Drawer Base is available in 7 sizes.    

Double Doors and Drawers come in different sizes and you can choose the one that suits your space. These cabinets are sufficient for office kitchen needs. You have enough space to leave kitchen appliances and groceries.

Gray Shaker Base Cabinet with Double Doors and Drawers


Our Gray Shaker Base Cabinet with Double Doors and Drawers is available in 4 sizes.

Double Door Wall cabinets and single-door wall cabinets have enough space to place cups, glasses, and other dishes that a kitchen needs.

Gray Shaker 12″ H Double Door Wall Cabinet


Buy Wholesale Cabinets Gray Shaker 12″ Double Wall Cabinet is available in 3 sizes.    

Gray Shaker 42″ H Single Door Wall Cabinet


Buy Wholesale Cabinets Gray Shaker 42″ H Single Door Wall Cabinet is available in 5 sizes.    

Accessibility to the Budget

RTA cabinets are economically affordable because their affordable price justifies their quality. After using the kitchen cabinets for a long time, their cost-effectiveness and irreplaceable quality will show!

Adapting business premises can be expensive. RTA cabinets, however, provide an economical solution as they come in a variety of styles and finishes, eliminating the need for expensive custom options.


RTA wardrobes are not only reserved for living spaces; they also find their place in the kitchens of business premises, offering stylish and economical solutions. With their affordability, quick assembly, and customization options, best RTA cabinets are revolutionizing commercial kitchens, proving that style and efficiency can coexist without breaking the bank. Consider RTA cabinets for your office space and experience the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

If you have not ordered RTA cabinets now, we recommend that you find out about the easiest way to buy best RTA cabinets! For any additional questions about cabinets or purchasing, feel free to contact our team!