Buy Wholesale Cabinets FAQ

Can customers visit the warehouse?

Buy Wholesale Cabinets (BWC) is a top national distributor of shaker white and gray RTA kitchen cabinets & vanities. That said, our warehouses across the country serve as distribution centers and are not open to the general public. If a customer has a multi-family order, we can arrange a tour or a showing at our Dallas and Irving, TX warehouses.

Do you offer cabinet samples?

No, unless specially requested for multi-family cabinet bids. Buy Wholesale Cabinets specializes in selling RTA Cabinets to builders, contractors, multi-family developers, and experienced DIYers. Most BWC clients and licensed distributors are familiar with our RTA kitchen cabinets.

Can customers order just one cabinet?

No. To maintain inventory and continue to provide the lowest cost for our wholesale RTA kitchen cabinets, we strictly enforce a minimum order requirement (MoR) of 10 cabinets to open an account with us. The RTA cabinet freight/shipping cost is very high, as the orders can be cumbersome, so we strongly recommend triple-checking your order and ensuring you get everything you need before submitting it.

Where can I see what cabinets you have available?

Check our catalog to see what cabinets we offer.

What makes BWC cabinets different from your competitors?

Every BWC cabinet features solid wood, soft-close mechanisms, full extension glides, dovetail drawers, UV-coated interiors, and more.

How do I know what cabinet sizes I need?

Check our measurement guide to see what cabinet sizes are necessary for your space.

Do you offer pre-assembled cabinets?

Yes. Buy Wholesale Cabinets offers pre-assembled cabinets. However, the vast majority of our cabinet orders are RTA. If you’re looking for pre-assembled cabinets, please be clear with your sales representative, as they will get you the most accurate pricing for your pre-assembled cabinet project. In most cases, the average cost for the customer to have BWC assemble an RTA cabinet is $25 per box, and pre-assembled cabinets will lead to an increased shipping cost, as we often have to use a designated 18-wheeler to deliver directly to you.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, Buy Wholesale Cabinets services the United States, Canada, and Mexico for RTA shaker cabinets and vanities. If you’re making an order outside the United States, please contact us at (888) 216-6277, as foreign orders have different pricing, shipping, and taxes.

Can customers pick up their cabinets in person?

At Buy Wholesale Cabinets, we allow customers to pick up from our warehouse at 823 Luke St, Irving, TX 75061. We only offer this if you have an existing account with us in addition to a dock-height-eligible vehicle, such as a dock-height box truck or an 18-wheeler trailer. We deliver and ship out thousands of Shaker white RTA kitchen cabinets and vanities nationwide every week. Due to this, we dedicate our warehouses to getting these orders out as quickly as possible—picking up orders with compact cars or pick-up trucks is not permitted.

Can customers schedule their delivery date?

Most of our RTA Cabinet orders ship out within 3-5 business days from your order placement. Once the carrier picks up your order from our warehouse, you will receive an automated email with the tracking number. We require that our deliverers contact you to schedule a delivery window for the last leg of the shipment. However, if you or a contractor is not at the home or building full-time, we strongly encourage that you contact the carrier in advance to schedule a delivery window.

Do the cabinets come with installation hardware?

Yes! BWC RTA cabinets come with soft-close hinges, soft-closing & full extension glides, screws, and all necessary brackets. The sides of our premium cabinets are finished, so you do not need to purchase side panels. Please note that we do not provide door handles or nails for installation.

What is the warranty?

See our Limited Warranty Page for details on our warranty.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy can be found here: Buy Wholesale Cabinets Return Policy

Do you have payment plans available?

For all of our RTA kitchen cabinet orders, we use Quickbooks’ Secure Payment Portal. We will email you an invoice, and you will have the option to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or ACH Bank Transfers. At this moment, Buy Wholesale Cabinets does not offer any payment plans or financing as we’re a wholesale distributor of RTA Cabinets.